Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Prolific Day Writing Definitions for OEDILF

I submitted six new limericks to the Omnificent English Dictionary in Limerick Form today, four of which I thought were good. Here are those four (I'll spare you the other two):

I desponsate the lovely Miss Betty.
I think that this means we'll go steady.
No? It means I will marry 'er?
Oh no! That's much scarier!
Hold on, I recant! I'm not ready!

Freeing cats is so effortless when
You open the bag and all ten
Fly out screetching, berserk.
It is ten times more work
When you stuff them back in there again.

A competent entrepreneur
Made his fortune reselling manure.
You'd think he's a sap
Cuz his business is crap,
But he's richer than both me and you're.

With diffidency Joe spoke his answer,
Sounding sheepishly shy for a prancer.
He's not always this coy;
He's a confident boy,
But just then he was torn (like his pants were).

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