Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Banquet Server Holding a Veggie Tray

I wrote this back in May. I changed it a little bit since then but it still has the same... um... flow?

A Banquet Server Holding a Veggie Tray
My big platter's contents were unique.
I displayed to a jittery geek
Who hopped foot to foot,
Grabbed a white bulbous root,
Like an onion, saying, "I'll take a leek!" 
And then off to the loo he did flee.
Later on, he returned back to me.
Saw my tray and proceeded
Eating pods that were seeded.
I said, "Tell me sir, how was your pea?" 
So we laughed, and guffawed, and we shared a fuss
At the double entendre 'tween the pair of us.
Then he said with a wink,
"Sir, I would hate to think
What you'd say if I had the asparagus!"

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