Sunday, July 10, 2011

Screetching and Stomping Lessons

This also was written for a contest, I tied for fourth. The challenge was to write about something regarding "lessons."
Screetching and Stomping Lessons
One hundred dollars
come out of each check
just for screetching and stomping,
but, ah... what the heck. 
My kids screetch the fiddle
(aka, violin)
and I pray the poor teacher
let's them come back again. 
And they stomp and they stamp
in their new clogging shoes,
and I pop some more asprin;
this headache's bad news. 
But I just grin and bear it,
'Cuz I'm a proud dad
And now, three years later...
this isn't half bad. 
Their fidd'ling's more fidd'lish
Even "Charlie Daniels"-esque,
And their feet stomp the rhythm,
It's not so grotesque. 
I'll keep paying for lessons,
though they cost more than gold,
so the kids can entertain
their dear Dad when I'm old.

The Clog Dance Book (1921)

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