Saturday, July 9, 2011

Why I Started a New Blog

I already have two blogs going full swing:
  • I write Star Wars Retold... In Limericks where I am retelling the entire Star Wars Saga, from the opening crawl on The Phantom Menace to the celebration on Endor in Return of the Jedi, entirely in limerick format.
  • I also write Rephrazer where I take common phrases, song titles, and famous quotes and rephrase them a little bit... okay, a lot. I find words that are either obscure, multi-syllable, or technically correct but odd sounding. What results never sounds better than the original, but we do get to learn some new vocabulary.
So with two active blogs going, why on earth would I need a third place to write stuff? Well, in addition to Star Wars limericks, I also have been writing a lot of other poetry -- Some of it is limericks, some sonnets, some I don't know what to call it. Most of it isn't really any good (hence my blog title) but who knows, someone somewhere might enjoy it. Also, my wife wrote a really cool poem about me that I'll probably post on here just to share it and have a place to keep it (since I probably will end up losing the little scrap of paper that she jotted it down on.)

So there, that's my excuse and I'll just go with that, for now.

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