Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Sonnet

I wrote a sonnet for every day of the work week. Why not the weekend? Sonnets aren't fun like limericks. Sonnets are work. I take the weekends off.

Here's Monday's:
Monday Sonnet
If your headache is bad,
It's about to get worser.
The fun that you had
Is just a precursor... 
To the fun you won't have
Once it's time to clock in.
There's no balm and no salve
That can quiet the din... 
That clangs in your head
Once the work week's begun.
But at least you ain't dead,
And the man hasn't won. 
So shake your fist and stick it to 'em.
Mondays, we all have to go through 'em.

Monday, Monday
Manic Monday
Come Monday
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