Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mr. Handsome Pants

With a title like that I can only assume my wife was writing a poem about me, although later in the poem she actually confirms it by naming me by name. If you've seen me in person you might have some objections to the title but keep in mind, she is saying that my pants are handsome...not necessarily me. I do have handsome pants. Without further ado...

Mr. Handsome Pants, by Glory
My Mr. Handsome Pants
is the bomb
He's the only person who
can make me calm
When problems start and
troubles arise
he looks at me with his
caring, green eyes
then he wraps his
big strong arms around me
kissing and holding until, sadly,
I have to pee
Jason Talbott, my man
is my best friend
Since I'm not much of a poem writer
we are now at... The End.

Awww.... thanks, hun. I disagree,'re a great poem writer. Sorry I posted your poem on a blog called Sub Par Poetry it seems totally inappropriate now that I think of it. Still I'm going to click on the "Publish Post" button...

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